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A place I want to visit

I would like to go to Japan because Japan has a lot of technology and it looks cool in movies!

The people started a Revolution on the 25th of January because they wanted more freedom and they wanted Hosny Mubarak the president to leave after 30 years of being president. During this time a lot of people died and just 18 days after the 25th the president decid ed to step-down.

When they cut off the internet and phone lines I was really bored! I would stay up all night watching movies and play playstation, and sleep during the day. Then on the 1st I went out of town with my family. I had a lot of fun! When I was watching the news and I saw that the president stepped-down, I was really surprised and happy, because I didn’t think that he would.

Now instead of everyone fighting, they are all celebrating! But now schools are open so no one is happy.


an unusual day

One day I dreamt I went to the bathroom and I found a tiger! It approached me, so I ran out the bathroom. I sat there and tried to think how it got there and how I can get rid of it. After a couple of hours I got an idea. I bought a peice of meat and put trankalizers in it and fed it to the tiger. After an hour of waitnig it fell asleep. When I put it in the car and was taking it to the shelter it woke up! It went crazy and scratched me! So I jumped out the car and had to push my car all the way to the shelter. It was my most unusual day.

This is my new post


Hello world!

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